Welcome to Real Estate Market District. This is a Multisite SaaS (Software as a Service) for Real Estate Blogs.

If you are into Real Estate (salesperson, agent, broker, Realtor) and would like to have your very own Real Estate-related blog, you have come to the right place.

Blogs hosted on Real Estate Market District will have URLs in the format https://<your-blog-name>.realestatemarketdistrict.com, where <your-blog-name> will be the name that you choose for your blog.

The cost to subscribe to use our service is $5 per month. You can save on your subscription payments by paying $12 for 3 months or $55 for 12 months. PayPal is our payments processor of choice. Subscriptions are recurring, which means that you are automatically charged the fee each month. You can cancel anytime you wish.

Please ensure that you read our FAQs page before signing up so that you aware of what to expect while being a member of Real Estate Market District.

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